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Six Strategies for Back Pain Relief

Six Strategies for Back Pain Relief

Back pain can be an annoyance or truly crippling. It can stop you from working, playing or even getting out of bed. When back pain is dealt with early, it tends not to get worse. When it is already at its worst, it can still be reduced. This article offers tried-and-true tips which will help you to end the pain and get back to living.

Keep a detailed notebook listing when your back hurts the most. Do this for at least four weeks so you can cover all activities, from work to weekend trips around town. Once done, start looking at when your back hurts the most and what you did to cause the pain. It won’t take long to realize what your triggers are.

Once you know what those triggers are, work to negate them. If your problem appears in the morning, invest in a new mattress or sleep in a new position. If you have your worst pain after a long day at work, make your work area more ergonomic or stop lifting incorrectly. If it happens after you drive, adjust your steering wheel or buy a pillow for your seat. Keep trying new ideas until you start to feel some relief.

Speaking to your doctor is a must when your back pain is overwhelming. He can help you determine what the cause may be and give advice on how to stop the problem. He can also temporarily prescribe you medications, such as painkillers or muscle relaxants, to end the suffering until you can deal with the cause. Lastly, if the problem is bigger than a bad mattress or lifting incorrectly, he can send you for tests which can determine what the problem may be.

If your back already hurts, leave the chores for later. There is no reason to lift a heavy basket of laundry or bend over in the garden when you are hurting. These activities can actually make your pain worse or lead to permanent injury. Instead, do some yoga, stretching, or light exercise to help release the tension in your back. Focus on feeling better before you start doing things which will make you feel worse.

Speaking of exercise, do it every day. Look for exercises which support your back, such as going for a swim or even walking back and forth in the shallow end. The water supports your weight a great deal, making it a low impact way to get fit. A strong, healthy body is less likely to give rise to back pain, so the more you can do to better yourself, the better.

When you need to, take a rest. Overdoing any activity can easily lead to back problems. Take breaks, sit down, and don’t feel guilty. If you are permanently crippled by your back pain, you won’t be any good to anyone!

Back pain is something many complain about, but not enough people do something to change. You are ready to alter your life to alleviate your pain, so make use of what you have read today. The sooner you put these strategies into action, the sooner you will find relief from your back pain.


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